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Cooperation offer for doctors

I would like to offer cooperation to doctors who wish to expand the capabilities of their practice in the area of dental surgery and implantology. Dentistry today is a very broad field of knowledge. There is no way to master all its domains and keep pace with their growth. Therefore,  following the model of Western Europe and the United States, the only way to ensure proper and the highest level of dental  service seems to be a collaboration between dentists who specialize in different areas of dentistry. This system operates in the world offering patients the optimization of treatment and, consequently,  the best results. So, patients requiring the intervention of an orthodontist should be directed there before the prosthetic  treatment commences.


However, if you need a surgical intervention, or you want to provide the patient with implants, I kindly invite you to my DENS VIP office. Simply fill out the following questionnaire. It is important that you plan the treatment  or describe your expectations  in the "comment" box. The doctor in charge is all the time the main doctor for the patient and he or she always takes the  final decisions. All kinds of financial settlements with the patient are left to the referring doctor. I will charge you only for the surgical work according to the pricelist in my office  reduced by a fixed percentage depending on the scope of the order. Owing to this kind of cooperation, you can earn without incurring liability.


Form in preparation – please contact us by phone or e-mail.


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