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I began my professional practice in dental implantology, prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry under the name of Dens VIP Marek Gatz in 2001. Since graduating from the Medical Academy in Gdańsk (Poland) in 1991 I have continuously been broadening my dental experience in a number of training programmes and courses, all confirmed with diplomas and certificates. Following the opinions of my present and former patients, I am confident that this experience will help me meet all my prospective patients' expectations. It is my personal conviction that without improving my skills and expanding my knowledge this objective could not be achieved. I therefore regularly participate in training programmes and sessions organized by the most renowned Polish and foreign centres. In May 2009, for instance, I completed the Curriculum of Oral Implantology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and was awarded the Certificate in Oral Implantology. I then continued my education by doing the Master of Oral Implantology graduate programme at the same university. Upon completing the programme the students obtain qualifications which are recognized world-wide.

In my practice I use the highest quality equipment and the latest technologies. Both the surgery and the waiting room are air-conditioned. I cooperate with the best dental laboratories in Poland and Sweden, ensuring that the prosthetic work gets perfectly done. My professional knowledge and experience, and the technologies I use enable me to offer successful treatment in even the most difficult cases. I have the necessary equipment to do X-ray pictures as required. I also use the DIGORA digital imaging system, which allows me to process and store the images on my computer. I use dental materials produced by only the most-renowned foreign manufacturers. The surgical instruments and typical dental tools I use daily are sterilized in a modern autoclave, which ensures that my patients are protected against dangerous bacterial and viral diseases such as, for instance, hepatitis B or AIDS.

In order to make sure that my patients receive comfortable, stress- and pain-free dental treatment, they are locally anaesthetized with a computer-controlled dental injection technique, the Wand, free of charge. If patients wish so, in my surgery they have their teeth extracted with the use of anaesthetics applied by a qualified anaesthetist, assisted by a nurse. Professional tooth whitening procedures are performed with the ZOOM Advanced Power lamp.

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